Smart Suite Workpapers Release Notes

January 2020 Add-In BETA

Improvements & Enhancements

  • You are now able to connect to Class Super for Investment Trusts using our Connected Workpapers | SWP-861

December 2019 Website

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Upgrade QBO authentication scheme from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0 | SWP-874

September 2019 Website

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Class Comparatives now come into the Workpapers | SWP-859


  • Can now add a Class File if you are using Consolidated Entities | SWP-540

August 2019 Website, Add-In

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Brand new opening balance feature that provides greater customisation and performance improvements | SWP-803 See a short video here.
  • Optimisation of conditional formatting | SWP-827
  • New 'edit mode' to help when customising workpaper templates | SWP-662
  • Auto Insert, Auto Populate and Reconcile Assist features are now available to all Connected clients | For a more detailed article and video on the new features navigate here.

  • Access to Starter Files has been improved | SWP-659

  • When Importing an XPZ Trial Balance it will only import the Control Account Names and Balances | SWP-826


  • Resolved an issue where chat boxes can become active disrupting the entering of information | SWP-824, SWP-848
  • No longer shows multiple status update logs when a status changes for a sheet which has multiple references | SWP-825
  • Resolved COM error that occasionally appears when connecting | SWP-851
  • Resolved an issue where some users were having trouble adding comments to Workpaper items | SWP-832
  • Reference numbers should now appear on subsequent sheets | SWP-839
  • Improvements to resolve Excel exception errors | SWP-847

June 2019 Website, Add-In

Improvements & Enhancements


  • Resolved an issue where a double login box would appear | SWP-710
  • All worksheets with checklist items and the named range Tm_ChecklistItems populates on the index page | SWP-743

May 2019 Website

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Website login access changed 18hours | SWP-778
  • WebsiteBranding update | SWP-752, SWP-748


May 2019 Website, Add-In

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Improved the auto-update process so that it should reduce start-up time. This should help with the add-in becoming disabled and requiring re-installation | SWP-527
  • Add-In and Workpaper Branding update | SWP-752, SWP-748
  • Connection limits for SMSF and Connected Workpapers should work separately. Only requires the word 'SMSF' in the name of the product set to distinguish it | SWP-557
  • Improved the speed when changing the Status on the Index page | SWP-711
  • Add-In performance improvements | SWP-679


  • Refreshing trial balance should not show any Excel interaction at all, it should just show the 'loader' and then once finished instantly show the end output | SWP-777
  • Modified BGL connection to work as per Class connection, now giving a friendly message rather than a server error message | SWP-640

March 2019 Hotfix Website


  • Resolved an issue were users were getting an error when changing the assigned staff, Preparer, Reviewer, etc. | SWP-682

March 2019 Add-In, Website

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Improved the auto-update process so that it should reduce start-up time. This should help with the add-in becoming disabled and requiring re-installation | SWP-527
  • BGL Connections now available for all firms | SWP-636


  • The Add-in panes are now "remembered" so users don't have to resize continuously | SWP-560
  • Stability Improvements | SWP-546
  • Login screen fixes for mixed DPI scaling settings | SWP-509
  • Fixes to the Workpaper status | SWP-478
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters in the workpaper item title would break the cell styling and hyperlink; Two workpaper items with the same title are now able to be created on the same sheet | SWP-598
  • Templates with long names that cause sheets to have names longer than 31 characters will now truncate instead of breaking | SWP-593
  • Fixed an issue where the connection message does not clear after adding a connection on the website and then refreshing the list | SWP-570

January 2019 - Website


  • Small system update required for new version of Reportance

December 2018 - Website / IdentityService


  • Added a link to the password reset page back to Smart Workpapers. Corrected the logo on the password reset screens | SWP-512

October 2018 - Website / Add-In - hotfix


  • Fix for BGL Connections | SWP-525
  • Fixed a problem with the new LinkReferences command that would cause problems when the template is protected | SWP-529

October 2018 - Website - hotfix


  • Fix for BGL Connections | SWP-517

October 2018 - Website / Add-in


  • Fixed an issue where pasting Smart Links in from HowNow Online doesn't link correctly | SWP-416
  • Fixed a bug where hiding the rates pages before adding worksheets causes unexpected results | SWP-429
  • Fixed the connection status of Xero on the connections page | SWP-472
  • Fixed error message for Xero | SWP-454
  • Fixed the removal of all entity types SWP-441
  • Fixed the opening balance import message | SWP-447

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Added BGL Simple Fund 360 connection (currently in limited beta) | SWP-392, SWP-393, SWP-395, SWP-396
  • When using Class workpapers, on connection user will now be greeted with Connections Selection pane (In preparation for BGL) | SWP-397
  • Removed the headers on the connections table to make the UI cleaner | SWP-452
  • Separated the SMSF connections from the Accounting connections to make administering easier | SWP-477
  • Fixed the page title so users can more easily see which tab in their browser is the page for Smart Workpapers | SWP-479

September 2018 - Website

  • Resolved the connection status of Xero on the connections page | SWP-472
  • Made the Trial Signup a little more friendly | SWP-448

July 2018 - Add-in

  • Add-in - Opening balance roll-over now optimises sheets for 2018+ to prevent doubling up sheets that already exist in the new file | SWP-263, SWP-267, SWP-269, SWP-270, SWP-324
  • Add-in - Resolved errors when a Connected Workpaper is linked to a and MS Excel General Ledger | SWP-332
  • Add-in - FixedList named range working for rollover | SWP-264


  • Add-in - Home page items roll-over | SWP-236
  • Add-in Protection of worksheets allows format cells, format rows, format columns, insert rows, insert columns, sort | SWP-265
  • Add-in Copy Worksheet from Another File now uses the GL fields | SWP-362
  • Add-in Users can now copy and paste multiple times when inserting on the Index page | SWP-335

June 2018 - Website


  • Fixed an issue with connecting to Class | SWP-402

June 2018 - Website

(new Add-in release due 02/07/2018 - release date still to be confirmed)

  • Inactive Employees are now shown by default | SWP-353
  • Updated to include support for Xero API changes | SWP-333
  • Privacy Policy updated | SWP-360

December 2017 - Website
  • Eliminated the problem where the cursor was jumping to the top of the worksheet when adding a new workpaper | SWP-286
  • Updates to fields such as status or Partner/Manager/Preparer should now flow through to the dashboard consistently | SWP-291
  • UI Connections Screen Updates | SWP-295
  • Add QBO endpoints for Reportance | SWP-303
  • Remove show password button on login | SWP-301
    Update Intuit connection | SWP-297
August 2017 – Add-in

Minor Features
Add workpaper templates list shows full titles and sorts by reference number
  • Allow references to be four characters
  • New install mode optimised for terminal server
  • Installer adds our add-in to trusted locations automatically
  • Workpapers based on the ‘spare’ worksheets will be copied over in their entirety on roll-over
  • Remove duplicate login requests after failure to login
  • Functionality added to hide unused cells on a particular worksheet

Bug Fixes
  • Hyperlinks will roll-over to correct row
  • Connected and Reportance workpapers will now import reference codes into sheet title

June 2017 – Website

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected issue viewing Workpapers when the new Office identifier had not been initialised.

May 2017 – Add-in, Website

Major Features
  • New referencing system that creates a consistent reference number for each worksheet.
  • New generate index feature that generates a list of all available worksheets for that starter file into the index tab.
  • Manage firm feature on the website, allows a firm to organise users by office and/or team.
  • Ability to automatically prepare a draft query email in Outlook from outstanding workpaper items.
  • Roll over opening balances from already open Excel workbook.

Connected Workpapers
  • Excel import for connected workpapers allowing accounting files to be used as the index without a cloud based accounting file.

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Opening balance button will now allow you to select an already open file to import from
  • Privacy Policy and T&Cs added to login screen of the website.
  • Email address is remembered after an attempt to login to Smart Workpapers.
  • Link for forgotten password added on login screen
  • Search function when adding a workpaper

March 2017 – Add-in

Major Features

  • New authentication system to improve login speed, automation of user login and user ability to manage account and reset passwords.

Connected Workpapers

  • Connection to QuickBooks Online.
  • Xero Beta connection – does not expire after 30 minutes.


  • General bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Cell Review to quickly apply standard cell formatting indicating reviewed, rework required or ready.
  • 'Repair Formulas’ button - forces Excel to recalculate all formulas when broken referencing appears.

October 2016 - Web

Major Features


  • View and filter all Workpaper records.
  • Review outstanding Workpaper items that require attention.
  • Review, manager, add and edit Workpaper items for individual Workpapers.
  • Change the status of Workpapers.


  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

October 2016 - Add-in

Bug Fixes and Improvements 

  • Workpaper Item chat will now wrap large chat messages and let you click on web links
  • Stability improvements with asynchronous calls to prevent OLE exceptions

Major Features
  • Xero Beta
  • Filter Workpapers by Entity Type

August 2016 - Add2.0.1.32

Bug Fixes and Improvements 

  • Fix issues with multiple requests for logins
  • Link worksheet Titles to the 'Notes' section in Trial Balance based Workpapers so they can be edited
  • Update method for writing dates to allow for different cultures
  • Ensure backwards compatibility for the new Workpaper Items feature with Windows 7
  • Minor bug fixes to Workpaper Items screen to prevent duplicate messages being posted


August 2016 -

Major Features 

  • Query Management
  • Track Workpaper data including select Partner/Manager/Preparer
  • Manage global status of workpaper


  • Right-click drill down
  • Pre-population of Investment Report

MYOB Connected Workpapers 

  • Live
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

August 2016 - Compliance Release


  • Addition of query management
  • Addition of the flag icon on the home page
  • Track workpaper data including selecing the Partner/Manager/Preparer
  • Manage the global status of a workpaper
  • MYOB connected workpapers are live
  • Class Connected workpapers - right-click drill down
  • Class Connected workpapers - prepopulation of investment report


  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

July 2016 - Compliance Release


  • Ability to select starter templates from HowNow Smart Workpapers (to allows for 2016 starter file release)
  • 'Search' function in the Chart of Accounts screen to make it easy to find accounts
  • Can view and export consolidated trial balances
  • Calculation column to show variances
  • Home page no longer shows in reports so you can one click export from Excel into PDF


  • Formatting/Grammar fixes in Reports
  • Appropriation Statement now shows correct version for distributions
  • Excel stability improvements
  • Hide irrelevant fields when setting up a new entity (based on entity type)
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

May 2016 -


  • now points to the new website
  • The latest version of the Addin has been deployed

May 2016 -


  • Improved layout
  • General stability improvements
  • Added the ability to name the spare worksheets in the index page to flow through to the title of the spare worksheet
  • Added the ability to use a worksheet across multiple products
  • Added the ability to search within products to the website
  • Added the ability to add different versions of worksheets based on dates
  • Added the chat function on the index page
  • Added the ability to rollover smart workpapers from prior years

Workpapers added:

  • 2016 FBT
  • 2017 Salary Sacrifice

December 2015 -

Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Backstage view in Office 2016 now shows as expected
  • A series of minor bug fixes

November 2015 -

  • Support for Office 2016 with the latest version of Add-In Express
Improvements / Bug Fixes
  • Key configuration data moved to .config file rather than based on compile time scripting
  • Build Server Setup
  • Stop Refresh Summary action from bailing out if an invalid sheet reference was found
  • Ensure file name is copied on inserting hyperlink in Reportance workpapers

September 2015 - Add-in version

  • Login/logout button available in backstage view
  • Opening balance functionality fully implemented
  • Improvement to the speed of calculation
  • Improved error handling 

July 2015

  • Implemented a vertical scrolling bar to accommodate small screen resolutions
  • Added the ability for a firm to activate/inactivate worksheets supplied by Business Fitness
  • Added the ability to edit a section title and reference
  • When editing a starter file, uploading a new file will now override the existing starter

Workpapers added:

  • 2015 SMSF Compliance
  • 2015 Primary Production

June 2015

  • Corrected the handling of template selection when a prior year workbook is also open
  • Fix 'cancel' hyperlink scenario so that workpaper record is removed
  • Correct handling of GL Code and SubAccount in imported worksheets
  • Set default status for workpaper records to "Select Status”
  • Change index shortcut  Ctrl-Shift-Z (this is to enable one hand to be used to select these keys)

Workpapers added:

  • 2015 Accounts & Tax
  • 2015 Personal ITR

March 2015
Workpapers added:
  • 2015 BAS & IAS

January 2015

  • Bug fixed - Non-admin users can now change their passwords.
  • Bug fixed – Admins cannot add users with the same email address.
  • New Feature – Admins can now delete users.
  • New Feature – Admins can now reset users passwords.

July 2014

  • Initial release of the HowNow Smart Workpapers product.

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