The dashboard feature on the Smart Workpapers website allows users to manage their workflow online. 

It can be accessed via the menu on the left hand side once logged into the website.

Filtering and Viewing 

The workpaper view can be changes between 

  • Firm Workpapers 

Shows all workpapers in your firm

  • My Workpapers

Shows all workpapers where the current user is listed as the partner, preparer or reviewer.

  • My Office workpapers

Shows all workpaper which are allocated to users in the same office as the current user.

  • My team Workpapers

Shows all workpapers which are allocated to users in the same team as the current user.

The workpaper view can also be filtered by searching for the following items:

  • Search by client
  • Search by user
  • Select 'Include Completed Workpapers' (By Default this option is not selected)


Status Column

The status of a workpaper can be updated either direct in the status column or from within the workpaper by selecting 'Workbook Status' in the smart workpapers ribbon. For more information see the knowledge article Workpapers Excel Tab/Ribbon

Workpaper Items Column

The Workpaper Items refer to the items feature inside the workbook. These items can be edited by clicking on the workpaper items. The colour status are: 

  • Blue indicates unresolved items,
  • Dark grey indicates resolved items.  

For additional information regarding query management feature please see the knowledge article Workpaper Items.

To edit the item select the blue button in the options column. which will display the following screen. Make the required changes and click save.

Note: The workpaper will need to be opened and closed for the changes to be available in the workpaper. 

Info Column

If you click Show on the Info tab, the pop up window below appears. The following information is displayed:
  • Individual ID of the workpaper;
  • Location where the workpaper was was last saved;
  • When the workpaper was last modified;
  • When the workpaper was created;
  • The number of workpaper items.

You can delete the workpaper record by selecting 'Delete', If the workpaper is opened again it will recreate a new record in the dashboard for the workpaper. 

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