The dashboard feature on the Smart Workpapers website allows users to manage their workflow online. It can be accessed via the menu on the left hand side once logged into the website.


Once in the Dashboard, you can choose to select to view either the Firm Workpapers or My Workpapers.  The Firm Workpapers shows you all of the workpapers of the firm. My Workpapers shows you only the workpapers you have created.  

You can also filter by searching for a client, or by a particular user.  

As a default, only incomplete workpapers are shown, however you can choose to Include completed workpapers. Workpapers can be completed either by updating the status in the dashboard, or by using the Workpapers tab within the workbook. 

The Workpaper Items refer to the Query Management items in the workbook. These items can be edited by clicking on the workpaper items. Blue indicates unresolved items, dark grey indicates resolved items.  For additional information regarding query management, please click here.


If you click Show on the Info tab, the pop up window below appears.  It shows you the individual ID of the workpaper, where it was last saved, when it was last modified, when it was created and the number of workpaper items.