The Workpapers tab can be activated in the excel options (File - Options - Customize Ribbon).

Status - This button shows the status of the entire workbook.  This flows through to the dashboard, and can be updated via the workpapers tab or on the dashboard.

Manage All - This button brings up all of the workpaper items for the entire workbook.

Add Workpaper Item - This button adds a workpaper item.

View Workpaper Items - This button shows all workpaper items for that particular worksheet.

Reset Workpaper- This button clears all workpaper items and resets the file as a starter file.

Generate Index- This button will generate a list of all available worksheets into the index page of the starter file.

Repair Formulas - This allows you to repair formulas when you receive an error such as #REF.

Cell Review - This allows you to set a status (Reviewed, Ready for Review or Rework Required) for individual cells.  To update the status of a cell, select the cell you wish to set the status for and select the status from the workpapers tab.

  • In the image below, the cell that is bordered in Yellow below has been marked as 'Ready for Review'. Marking a cell for 'Rework' will change the cell border to Red and 'Reviewed' will change the colour to Green.