Adding an item - you can add an item a few different ways:

  • Workpapers tab -"Manage All" and selecting "Add" (click here for more information about the Workpapers Tab)
  • Workpapers tab - Add Workpaper Item.
  • Right click in a cell and select "Create Workpaper Item". This way creates an "Item Link" which you can click on to bring up the query.  

Manage Items -This tab shows you all of your queries, You can manage your items using the "Manage All" button on the workpapers tab.  From here, you are able to sort your queries by type, status and also the person whom they are for the attention of.  You can select certain queries by ticking the box next to the query. You can then set the status of more than one query at once.  

You are able to email queries directly to the client by selecting which queries you would like, and clicking draft email.  This will open oulook and have your queries prefilled into an email. You can also select the queries that you would like and copy these queries to a clipboard.  From here you can paste the selected queries to wherever you would like.  You can add queries, edit queries, delete queries or go to the query from this section.

Items can also be managed from the Dashboard.  Click here for more information about the Dashboard.