Adding and Editing Users

Users can be added and edited via the 'Users' tab on the left hand side of the website.


Adding a User

To add a user, under the users tab, click 'Add'. Complete the information required - if the user is to be an Administrator of HowNow Smart Workpapers, tick the Administrator box. 


The user will then receive an email to their email address provided inviting them to join.  Until they accept an email icon will be shown in the status column.  

To re-send the invitation, click on the icon.  

Once the user has accepted the invitation the icon will change to a tick.

Editing a User

To edit a user, under the users tab, click 'Edit'. 


Here you can:

  • Update the users name
  • Email address
  • Select whether a user is an administrator
  • Inactivate a user
  • Request a password reset for a user.

Please note that users cannot be deleted, only inactivated.

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