Uploading a Customised Worksheet

Creating a New Worksheet

To create a new worksheet, it is recommended to start with the 'Spare Worksheet - Blank'; This will save time setting up the heading items of the worksheet as they will already be set up. 

Customise an Existing Worksheet

To customise one of the Smart Suit Template worksheets, download the relevant worksheet and make any customisation required.  See the Smart Workpaper Customisation User Guides for more information on making customisations.

Uploading a New or Customised Worksheet

To upload a new worksheet for your firm, go to the Smart Workpapers website and Select 'Templates' from the left-hand side of the screen. 

Select the product, from the drop-down list, which you would like to add the worksheet to, and select "Create a New Template for this Product".  

The following screen will appear after selecting "Create a New Template for this Product".

Template Properties

Complete the properties for the template you would like to add; 

Product Section: Refers to the section on the index page that you would like your template to apply to (e.g. Job Management, Income Tax etc.).  

Name: The 'template name' will be the name that appears on the index page of the Smart Workpaper.

Short Name: This is the name that appears on the tab at the bottom of the excel file.

Reference: This reference will appear in the worksheet title and on the tab name (If left blank, no reference will appear in the title or on the tab name)

Entity Types: This allows you to apply this worksheet only to a specific entity type (i.e. Trust, Company, Individual, etc).

Roll Over option: This allows the rollover option to be limited for each template the selections are;

  • Rollover 
  • Allow one per file 
  • Do not rollover

Commands: (For advanced users only) the list below specifies the commands which can be entered into the template and what they do. Note only the manually specified commands need to be entered here. 

Manually Specified Commands - Specify in each template commands section
LinkCategoryNameLinks the Tm_CategoryList field in the workpaper to a list of names, usually on the index. For example, FBT has a list of employees on the index, by using this command, a workpaper such as MV FBT, can apportion parts of the FBT to each employee. Each row will have a drop-down with the list of employees as a result of this function 

Manually set - Links the Tm_WorksheetTitle field in the workpaper to the Title/Notes of the record in the index. i.e. Allows users to change the name of a worksheet in the Index page and it will flow through to the corresponding cell in the actual worksheet

Manually set - recalculates all cells withing the named range: "Tm_Recalculate"
Automatic Commands - No Need to Specify
Link References

Links the account name and the account balance to the Tm_TBBalance, TM_TBAccount and Tm_ComparativeBalance

DefaultReconcilliationFieldPreselects the reconciliation field on the index if it finds one obvious matched.
SetWorkpaperChecklistsLinks the Checklist column in the indx to the Tm_ChecklistItems field in the inserted workpapers

No of Reconciliations: This is the number of accounts an individual template can reconcile (i.e. F05 - Trade Debtors template can only reconcile 1 trade debtor account, F10 - Bank template can reconcile up to 6 bank accounts.)

Allow AI to Recommend this Workpaper for Auto Insertion: By checking this box the template is eligible to be automatically inserted into Connected Workpapers upon connection with the client file. Refer to Connected Workpapers User Guides for more information.

Upload Template

Once the details are complete, click on the 'Add Excel Template' button. The following pop-up box will appear;


  • All period - Allows a workpaper to be available for all periods 
    (This is useful for workpapers such as GST, Review Points where there are minimal changes from year to year)
  • Specify Date - Allows a workpaper to be available for only a specific financial year onwards. 
    I.e. The 2019 FY workpaper will be available in the 2020 FY, unless a specific 2020 FY workpaper is uploaded, but it will not be available in 2018 FY. 
    (This is useful for workpapers such as Income Tax Rec - Where there are changes every year)

A workpaper can be uploaded by clicking 'Select File' button and browsing for the template or the excel worksheet can be dragged and dropped into the box. 

Once the file has been uploaded click "Save" and then "Save" again. 

HowNow Customisation Service

If you would like customisations made to your firm's workpapers, but don't feel confident doing them yourself, please refer to Business Fitness Customisation Service for more information on our team making the changes for you. 

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