Editing Templates

To edit a worksheet for your firm, go to the Templates section of the smart workpapers website from the left hand menu.

Select the product from the drop down menu where the worksheet is located, and highlight the template to be edit. Select "Edit". as shown below.


  • If the worksheet appears in multiple locations, it does not matter which product or section you choose.


Editing template properties

Once you have clicked edit, the edit screen will appear as shown below. 

From this screen a template can be made active or inactive. In addition the details on firm created worksheets can be changed, however not the worksheets created by Business Fitness.

For a full detail of the template properties see the knowledge article Uploading a Customised Worksheet.

Versions Section 

This section shows a summary of the different versions of worksheets, Use this section to download a template for editing or review.

It is possible to apply worksheets to different years, or to all years via this screen.

To add a new version select Add, the following screen will be displayed:


  • All period - Allows a workpaper to be available for all periods
    (This is useful for workpapers such as GST, Review Points where there are minimal changes from year to year)
  • Specify Date - Allows a workpaper to be available for only a specific financial year onwards. 
    I.e. The 2019 FY workpaper will be available in the 2020 FY, unless a specific 2020 FY workpaper is uploaded, but it will not be available in 2018 FY. 
    (This is useful for workpapers such as Income Tax Rec - Where there are changes every year)

A workpaper can be uploaded by clicking 'Select File' button and browsing for the template or the excel worksheet can be dragged and dropped into the box. 

Once the file has been uploaded click "Save" and then "Save" again.

Associated Products Section

This section shows all the associated products and section which the template applies to.


It is possible to add and remove the workpaper from various sections from this screen. 

To add a new version select Add, the following screen will be displayed:

Select the relevant product and section you want to add the template to and select "Add".

Once all changes have been made to the template properties click the green 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen.

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