Manage Firm

The "Manage Firm" icon on the left hand side allows the administrators of a firm to allocate users by Office and Teams.

To add or edit offices or teams, click on the offices or teams area.  Here you can add, edit edit any different offices or teams your firm may have.

If you wish to add or remove users from an office or team, select "Edit".

To add a user to an office or team, select "Add to Office" or "Add to Team".  A pop up box will appear.  You can select your user from the list or search for your user from a list of your firms users.

Note that when you are adding a team, you have an additional field "Team Primary Office".  Select the office from the drop down list.

To remove a user from an office or team, simply select the user and click on " Remove from Office" or " Remove from Team".  Note that this will not delete the user entirely.

You can delete the team or office by clicking the red delete button.

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