How Do I Reinstall My Smart Workpapers Add-ins

Reloading Add-ins is different for locally (PC) based installations and Terminal Server installations. To reload your Terminal Server Add-ins your IT staff will be able to assist you with the help of this link.

Locally installed Smart Workpapers Add-ins update to new versions automatically, however sometimes MS Excel will unload the Add-ins and you may need to reinstall them.

If you are reinstalling your locally installed Add-ins make sure:

  1. You remove HowNow Smart Workpapers from your programs - this will remove all the old files
  2. You close MS Excel before running the Add-in installation file.

You can download the latest Add-in from the Smart Workpapers website when you login. Click on the blue 'Install' button which will download the file and then run the file to install the Add-ins.

For assistance please call the Support Team on 1300 333 424.

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