Deploying the Add-in for all Users in Terminal Server

August 2017: We have made some changes to the way the Smart Workpaper add-in needs to be installed for Terminal Server users. There is no longer a Terminal Server add-in and you are able to install the local add-in for each user.
The major benefit of this is change is that the add-in will now automatically update for terminal server users, which means less time required from your IT team and less downtime for the team. You will now automatically be on the latest versions as they are released.

Our previous Terminal Server instructions required you to install a Terminal Server version of the Add-in. Our new process is much simpler, if you are an existing Smart Workpaper terminal server user click here for instructions to remove the old add-in.

When To Use This Installer

HowNow Smart Workpapers requires the installation of an Excel Add-in. These instructions show how a Terminal Server administrator can automate the install for every user.

WARNING, if you use MYOB AE or MYOB AO, please refer to the following installation process:

Multi User Installation (for MYOB AE or MYOB AO users only)

Step 1: Download and Save Installer

Download the latest copy of the installer by logging into the HowNow Smart Workpapers Website and selecting Install (which appears in the Start page). Save this to a universally accessible location for all users.

Step 2: Create login script to automate install

Once you have saved the installer to a universally accesible location, run the following login script, substitute [MyPath] for the location you have saved the installer to:

"C:\[MyPath]\HowNow Smart Workpapers Setup.exe" /verysilent /preventdowngrade="true"

Step 3: Confirmation

After a user has logged in (assuming the login script above ran successfully), a user can open Excel to confirm. The successful installation should appear like:

In MS Excel - Select >File >Options >Add-ins. You should now see the following two components:

Alternatively you can download the Add-In here.

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