Connected Workpapers give you the option to import the trial balance for the client from the cloud based software they are using (ie  MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks) or from excel.  For the import of a cloud trial balance, please see the article on Connected Workpapers - Cloud Based Software.

Connected Workpapers use the same workpapers and have all of the functionality of the Smart Workpapers, with some additional features.  The user guide shows the features of Smart Workpapers. Additional features for Connected Workpapers are listed below.


You can access the Connected Workpapers by logging into to the How Now Smart Workpapers Website.    When you choose your workpaper type, choose Connected Workpapers and download the starter file for the year you are working on.

Connect File

Open the downloaded file in Excel. To connect your APS file, click on "Connect File" on the Home tab. 

The Add-In box will appear on the right hand side of the screen. To import an APS file, click on the Reckon APS Logo.

Click on the Select File button and navigate through the Explorer window to find your APS File. Once you have selected your file, choose the year for the file. Then click on Connect.

A new tab will open and the Trial Balance will automatically be populated.

If your Firm has 'Auto Inserts' the suggested worksheets will populate. From there you can choose to insert all worksheets, or add and remove as required.