Automatic Suggestions - Available Smart Suite Templates

Automatic Suggestions

The automatic suggestion feature is only available for connected workpapers. By selecting Automatic Suggestions, when connecting to a client file, recommended templates will be inserted into your file based on the trial balance accounts. 


  • Only templates which have been selected to 'Allow Automatic Suggestions to recommend this workpaper for auto insertion' will be inserted - see instruction on uploading a customised worksheet to select this. 
  • The 'Allow Auto Suggestions to Recommend this Workpaper for Auto Insertion' can not be edited at a firm level at this stage. 

The following is a list of Smart Suit Templates that use the Auto Suggestions feature.

RefWorksheet Name
C20Tax Reconciliation
F05Trade Debtors
F15Stock on Hand
G05Borrowing Costs
G10Fixed Assets Deprec
H05Trade Creditors
H08Superannuation Liability
H35Provisions - Tax
J20GST Reconciliation
M40FBT Contributions

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