Smart Suite - Document List


Document TitleProcedural AreaDocument Type
Acceptance of Engagement - Ethical Clearance LetterClientsLetters
Complaints FormClientsForms
Complaints Reply LetterClientsLetters
Dealing with Complaints ProcedureClientsProcedures
Dealing with Complaints ScriptClientsScripts
Fixed Price AgreementClientsLetters
Loss of Client - Ethical Clearance LetterClientsLetters
Meeting Agenda - Application for FinanceClientsForms
Meeting Agenda - Generic FormClientsForms
Meeting Agenda - New ProjectsClientsForms
Meeting Agenda - Prospects and New ClientsClientsForms
Meetings in Our Office ProcedureClientsProcedures
Monthly Complaints Monitoring FormClientsForms
Pro Forma Loan Application FormClientsForms
Speaking to a Lost Client ScriptClientsScripts
Debtors - Control and Collection of Overdue AccountsFinanceProcedures
Debtors - Credit Review ChecklistFinanceChecklists
Debtors - Final Letter of Demand for Overdue AccountsFinanceLetters
Debtors - Final Reminder for Overdue Accounts Email TemplateFinanceEmails
Debtors - First Reminder for Overdue AccountsFinanceLetters
Debtors - First Reminder for Overdue Accounts Email TemplateFinanceEmails
Debtors - First Telephone Call for Overdue AccountFinanceScripts
Debtors - Getting Debtors and Cashflow Under ControlFinanceReference
Debtors - Second Reminder for Overdue AccountsFinanceLetters
Debtors - Second Reminder for Overdue Accounts Email TemplateFinanceEmails
Debtors - Second Telephone Call for Overdue AccountFinanceScripts
Firm Budget and Cashflow Plan WorkpapersFinanceWorkpapers
Hays Salary SurveyFinanceWeb Pages
Client Categorisation WorkpapersLeadershipForms
Client File Review - ChecklistLeadershipChecklists
Client Files Reviewed - SummaryLeadershipProcedures
Client Review and Categorisation ProcedureLeadershipProcedures
Clients Gained and Lost and Prospect ConversionLeadershipWorkpapers
Data Breach Management and Response Plan - TemplateLeadershipForms
Data Breach Notification ConsiderationsLeadershipLetters
Data Breach Policy ConsiderationsLeadershipForms
Error and Omissions ReportLeadershipForms
Lost Client - LetterLeadershipLetters
Lost Client and Client Deletion - ChecklistLeadershipChecklists
Management Meeting Agenda and MinutesLeadershipForms
Management MeetingsLeadershipProcedures
Meeting Agenda - Strategic PlanningLeadershipForms
New Project with Prospects and Existing Clients - ChecklistLeadershipChecklists
Overview of Your Firm's Quality ControlLeadershipReference
Privacy Impact Assessment Report ConsiderationsLeadershipForms
Privacy Management Plan - TemplateLeadershipForms
Privacy Policy ConsiderationsLeadershipForms
QA Policy - Acceptance and Continuance of Client RelationshipsLeadershipForms
QA Policy - Engagement PerformanceLeadershipForms
QA Policy - Ethical RequirementsLeadershipForms
QA Policy - Human ResourcesLeadershipForms
QA Policy - Mission StatementLeadershipForms
QA Policy - Monitoring Quality Control in the FirmLeadershipForms
QA Policy - Quality Assurance in the FirmLeadershipForms
QA Policy - Risk ManagementLeadershipForms
Quality Control - ChecklistLeadershipChecklists
Risk Management Framework - TemplatesLeadershipForms
Strategic Planning - PresentationLeadershipForms
Strategic Planning - Quarterly PlanLeadershipWorkpapers
Strategic Planning - QuestionnaireLeadershipForms
Strategic Planning in the FirmLeadershipProcedures
The Basis of Professional RelationshipLeadershipForms
The Firm's Areas of OperationLeadershipForms
The Firm's Commitment to the Team MembersLeadershipForms
Client and Prospect ScriptsMarketingScripts
Feedback from ClientsMarketingProcedures
Proposal Letter for Prospective New ClientMarketingLetters
Prospects ProcedureMarketingProcedures
Referrals from Clients & AssociatesMarketingProcedures
Ways for Keeping in Touch with ProspectsMarketingForms
2019 Loan Repayment CalculatorProductionWorkpapers
ABN and TFN Registration Advice LetterProductionLetters
Acceptance of Engagement - Ethical ClearanceProductionHNO Merge Letters
Account Based Pension (TRIS) Minimum and Maximum LetterProductionLetters
Account Based Pension Minimum Payment LetterProductionLetters
Accounts & Tax Workpapers - ConnectedProductionWorkpapers
Accounts and Tax - Year End QuestionnaireProductionForms
Accounts and Tax Covering LetterProductionLetters
Accounts and Tax Email TemplateProductionEmails
Accounts and Tax Engagement LetterProductionLetters
Accounts and Tax Procedure - How We Do It HereProductionProcedures
Accounts and Tax WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Accounts Preparation CoveringProductionHNO Merge Letters
Accounts Preparation EngagementProductionHNO Merge Letters
Activity Statement Information Gathering LetterProductionLetters
Allocated Pension Minimum and Maximum LetterProductionLetters
Application for Finance Covering LetterProductionLetters
Applying for Finance ProcedureProductionProcedures
Applying for Finance Procedure Flowchart VersionProductionProcedures
ASIC Annual ReviewProductionProcedures
ASIC Annual Review Flowchart VersionProductionProcedures
ASIC Annual Statement - Solvency MinuteProductionForms
ASIC Annual Statement - Solvency ResolutionProductionForms
ASIC Change of Company Name Covering LetterProductionLetters
ASIC Change to Company DetailsProductionProcedures
ASIC Change to Company Details Flowchart VersionProductionProcedures
ASIC Company Deregistration Application Covering LetterProductionLetters
ASIC Company Deregistration Notification Covering LetterProductionLetters
ASIC Company Registration - Information Gathering Covering LetterProductionLetters
ASIC Company Registration - Information Gathering FormProductionForms
ASIC Company Registration - Signature of Company Statutory Records LetterProductionLetters
ASIC Consent to AppointmentProductionForms
ASIC Directors Minute - Change of AddressProductionForms
ASIC Directors Minute - Change of Office HoldersProductionForms
ASIC Directors Minute - Change of Office Holders DetailsProductionForms
ASIC Directors Minute - GenericProductionForms
ASIC Directors Resolution - Change of AddressProductionForms
ASIC Directors Resolution - Change of Office HoldersProductionForms
ASIC Directors Resolution - Change of Office Holders DetailsProductionForms
ASIC Directors Resolution - GenericProductionForms
ASIC Form 484 Covering LetterProductionLetters
ASIC FormsProductionWeb Pages
ASIC Lodgement FeesProductionWeb Pages
ASIC Registration of a New CompanyProductionProcedures
ASIC Registration of a New Company Flowchart VersionProductionProcedures
ASIC Registration of Company ChecklistProductionChecklists
ASIC Responsibilities of a Company Director or SecretaryProductionForms
ASIC Review of Annual Statement Letter - DiscrepanciesProductionLetters
ASIC Review of Annual Statement Letter - No DiscrepanciesProductionLetters
ASIC Share Transfer Form - Covering LetterProductionLetters
ASIC Voluntary Deregistration of a CompanyProductionProcedures
ASIC Voluntary Deregistration of a Company Flowchart VersionProductionProcedures
ATO Defaulted Payment Arrangement LetterProductionLetters
ATO Garnishee Notice LetterProductionLetters
ATO Instalment ObligationsProductionProcedures
ATO Lodgement ReminderProductionHNO Merge Letters
ATO Lodgement Reminder LetterProductionLetters
ATO Overdue Payment NoticeProductionHNO Merge Letters
ATO Overdue Payment Notice LetterProductionLetters
ATO Payment ArrangementProductionHNO Merge Letters
ATO Payment Arrangement LetterProductionLetters
Authority to Deduct FeesProductionForms
BAS & IAS WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
BAS and IAS Preparation ProcedureProductionProcedures
BAS Covering (Short Version)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
BAS Covering Letter (Short Version)ProductionLetters
BAS Covering Letter with Accountant's ReportProductionLetters
BAS Covering with Accountant's ReportProductionHNO Merge Letters
BAS Information Gathering QuestionnaireProductionForms
Budgets and Cashflow Forecast ChecklistProductionChecklists
Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts ProcedureProductionProcedures
Business Activity Statement Email TemplateProductionEmails
Business Plan - TemplateProductionForms
Buying or Setting Up a New BusinessProductionProcedures
Buying or Setting Up a New Business Flowchart VersionProductionProcedures
Calendar of Key DatesProductionForms
Capital Gains Tax WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Cashflow - WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Change to Client Details - Covering LetterProductionLetters
Client Termination LetterProductionLetters
Company - Dividend ResolutionProductionForms
Company Assessment Notice - PaymentProductionLetters
Company Assessment Notice - RefundProductionLetters
Company Assessment Notice (Payment)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
Company Assessment Notice (Refund)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
Company Debit Loan WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Company Debit Loan WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Company Dividend and Interest Schedule LetterProductionLetters
Company Shareholders Loan AccountsProductionProcedures
Complaints Reply Email TemplateProductionEmails
COVID-19 WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Creating a Business Plan - GuideProductionForms
Creating a Business Plan Covering LetterProductionLetters
Current Financial Status - WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Debt and Equity Interests ElectionProductionForms
Division 293 Tax Assessment LetterProductionLetters
Engagement Letter for Other AssignmentsProductionLetters
Engagement ProcedureProductionProcedures
Entity Matrix - Choosing a Business StructureProductionReference
Establishing a Business StructureProductionProcedures
Establishing a Business Structure Flowchart VersionProductionProcedures
Establishment of New Business Structure LetterProductionLetters
Family Trust Election ResolutionProductionForms
FBT - Airline Transport Benefit DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Car Benefits - Operating Cost Method ElectionProductionForms
FBT - Car Benefits - Statutory Method Election
FBT - Complex Covering LetterProductionLetters
FBT - Declaration of Car Travel to Work-Related Medical ExpenseProductionForms
FBT - Employee Contribution Journal Covering LetterProductionLetters
FBT - Employee Contribution Set Off Confirmation LetterProductionLetters
FBT - Employee Contributions Set Off Request LetterProductionLetters
FBT - Employee's Car Business Use DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Employment Interview or Selection Test DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Expense Payment Benefit DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Fuel Expenses DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Information Gathering LetterProductionLetters
FBT - Information Gathering QuestionnaireProductionForms
FBT - Living Away From Home Declaration - Employee Related ExpensesProductionForms
FBT - Living Away From Home Declaration - FIFO or DIDO EmployeesProductionForms
FBT - Living Away From Home Declaration - Maintaining an Australian HomeProductionForms
FBT - Loan Fringe Benefit DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Log Book DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Meal Entertainment 12 Week Register ElectionProductionForms
FBT - Meal Entertainment ElectionProductionForms
FBT - No Private Use Declaration - Expense Payment BenefitsProductionForms
FBT - No Private Use Declaration - Residual BenefitsProductionForms
FBT - Property Benefit DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Recurring Expense Payment Fringe Benefit DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Recurring Property Benefit DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Recurring Residual Fringe Benefit DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Relocation Transport DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Residual Benefit DeclarationProductionForms
FBT - Simple Covering LetterProductionLetters
FBT- Car Benefits - Statutory Method ElectionProductionForms
FBT- Residual Benefit Declaration - Vehicles other than CarsProductionForms
FBT WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
FBT WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Financial Statement Analysis WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Fixed Assets RegisterProductionForms
Forced Sale of Livestock Election- Inclusion of Deferred ProfitProductionForms
Forced Sale of Livestock Election - Deferral of ProfitProductionForms
Forced Sale of Livestock Election - Replacement StockProductionForms
Fringe Benefits Tax Email TemplateProductionEmails
Fringe Benefits Tax ProcedureProductionProcedures
GST Instalment Notice LetterProductionLetters
IAS - CoveringProductionHNO Merge Letters
IAS - Covering LetterProductionLetters
Income Tax Assessments and Other Statutory NoticesProductionProcedures
Instalment Activity Statement Email TemplateProductionEmails
Job Budget and Fixed Price Agreement Smart WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Job Monitoring SheetProductionForms
Loss of Client - Ethical ClearanceProductionHNO Merge Letters
Managing Personal InformationProductionProcedures
Meeting Agenda - Buying a BusinessProductionForms
Meeting Agenda - Choosing a Business StructureProductionForms
Meeting Agenda - Selling a BusinessProductionForms
New Client Information - All EntitiesProductionForms
Non-Share Capital AccountProductionForms
Notes for Persons Signing Income Tax ReturnsProductionForms
Notice to Correct Franking Credit AllocationProductionForms
Partnership Distribution StatementProductionForms
Partnership Salary ResolutionProductionForms
PAYG Annual Instalment Notice LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Change of Instalment Payment Cycle LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Instalment No Longer Required LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Instalment Notice LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Quarterly Instalment Notice LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Revised Instalment Amount LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Revised Instalment Rate LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Withholding Cancellation Notice LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Withholding Registration Notice LetterProductionLetters
PAYG Withholding Summary Penalty LetterProductionLetters
Personal Income Tax Return EmailProductionEmails
Personal ITR - CoveringProductionHNO Merge Letters
Personal ITR - Covering LetterProductionLetters
Personal ITR - Year End QuestionnaireProductionForms
Personal ITR (Amended Assessment)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
Personal ITR (Multiple Assessment Notices)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
Personal ITR Amended Assessment LetterProductionLetters
Personal ITR Assessment Notice - Nil AmountProductionLetters
Personal ITR Assessment Notice - PaymentProductionLetters
Personal ITR Assessment Notice - RefundProductionLetters
Personal ITR Assessment Notice (Nil Amount)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
Personal ITR Assessment Notice (Payment)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
Personal ITR Assessment Notice (Refund)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
Personal ITR Late Lodgement Penalty LetterProductionLetters
Personal ITR Late Payment Penalty LetterProductionLetters
Personal ITR Multiple Assessment Notices - LetterProductionLetters
Personal ITR ProcedureProductionProcedures
Personal ITR Refund of Overpaid Tax LetterProductionLetters
Personal ITR WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Primary Production - Year End QuestionnaireProductionForms
Primary Production WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Purchase of Business ChecklistProductionChecklists
Request for Return of Signed Documents LetterProductionLetters
Rollover of Depreciating Assets ElectionProductionForms
Rollover of Trading Stock ElectionProductionForms
Salary Sacrifice WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Sale of Business ChecklistProductionChecklists
Sale or Purchase of Real Property ChecklistProductionChecklists
Selling a BusinessProductionProcedures
Share Transfer FormProductionForms
Shareholder Distribution StatementProductionForms
SMSF - Annual General Meeting MinuteProductionForms
SMSF - Section 126K Declaration Not a Disqualified PersonProductionForms
SMSF - Section 290-170 Notification Fund AcknowledgementProductionForms
SMSF - Trust Deed Amendment LetterProductionLetters
SMSF - Year End Compliance ProcedureProductionProcedures
SMSF - Year End Covering LetterProductionLetters
SMSF - Year End QuestionnaireProductionForms
SMSF Engagement LetterProductionLetters
SMSF WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
SMSF Workpapers - ConnectedProductionWorkpapers
SMSF Year End Email TemplateProductionEmails
Statement of AccountProductionHNO Merge Letters
Statement of Account LetterProductionLetters
STP - 12 Month Engagement AuthorityProductionHNO Merge Letters
STP - 12 Month Engagement Authority LetterProductionLetters
STP - Finalisation Declaration Authorisation - AnnualProductionHNO Merge Letters
STP - Finalisation Declaration Authorisation - Annual LetterProductionLetters
STP - Finalisation Declaration Authorisation - Individual Employees(s)ProductionHNO Merge Letters
STP - Finalisation Declaration Authorisation - Individual Employees(s) LetterProductionLetters
Sub-Trust Establishment ResolutionProductionForms
Tax EngagementProductionHNO Merge Letters
Tax Engagement LetterProductionLetters
Tax Facts and FiguresProductionForms
Tax File Number Advice LetterProductionLetters
Tax Planning - Client Meeting AgendaProductionForms
Tax Planning - Client NewsletterProductionReference
Tax Planning - Income Tax Changes ReferenceProductionReference
Tax Planning Primary Production QuestionnaireProductionForms
Tax Planning ProcedureProductionProcedures
Tax Planning QuestionnaireProductionForms
Tax Planning Recommendation for Business Clients Email TemplateProductionEmails
Tax Planning Recommendation for Individuals Email TemplateProductionEmails
Tax Planning Recommendation Letter for Business ClientsProductionLetters
Tax Planning Recommendation Letter for IndividualsProductionLetters
Tax Planning Review Letter for Business ClientsProductionLetters
Tax Planning Review Letter for IndividualsProductionLetters
Tax Planning WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Trust Distribution StatementProductionForms
Trust Registration - Signature of Trust Statutory Records LetterProductionLetters
Trust WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Trust Year End Distribution - Covering LetterProductionLetters
Trust Year End Distribution Minute - No Income StreamingProductionForms
Trust Year End Distribution Minute - With Income StreamingProductionForms
Trust Year End Distribution Resolution - No Income StreamingProductionForms
Trust Year End Distribution Resolution - With Income StreamingProductionForms
Valuation of a Business WorkpapersProductionWorkpapers
Withdrawal from the Primary Producer Averaging System ElectionProductionForms
Work Related Expense Claims LetterProductionLetters
Year End Questionnaire - Covering LetterProductionLetters
Your Guide to Buying a BusinessProductionForms
Your Guide to Buying a Business Covering LetterProductionLetters
Acceptance of Resignation of Employment LetterTeamLetters
Application for Leave FormTeamForms
Career Development and During Employment ProcedureTeamProcedures
Career Development Review - Action FormTeamForms
Career Development Review - Appraisal FormTeamForms
Career Development Review - Self-Appraisal FormTeamForms
Career Development Reviews ChecklistTeamChecklists
Conclusion of Employment ChecklistTeamChecklists
Disciplinary (First) Warning LetterTeamLetters
Disciplinary (Second or Final) Warning LetterTeamLetters
Employee RecordTeamForms
Employment Interview QuestionsTeamForms
Employment Reference LetterTeamLetters
Exit Interview QuestionsTeamForms
Extension of Probationary Period LetterTeamLetters
HR Policy - Business Overview and ValuesTeamForms
HR Policy - Employee LeaveTeamForms
HR Policy - Employee Payments and BenefitsTeamForms
HR Policy - Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-DiscriminationTeamForms
HR Policy - General Employment RulesTeamForms
HR Policy - Induction, Probation Periods, Flexible Work Arrangements and TypesTeamForms
HR Policy - Information TechnologyTeamForms
HR Policy - Internal Complaints and Grievance PolicyTeamForms
HR Policy - Performance ManagementTeamForms
HR Policy - Quality Systems and MaintenanceTeamForms
HR Policy - RecruitmentTeamForms
HR Policy - Security and IntegrityTeamForms
HR Policy - Serious MisconductTeamForms
HR Policy - TemplateTeamForms
HR Policy - Termination and RedundancyTeamForms
HR Policy - Training and DevelopmentTeamForms
HR Policy - Use of Company VehiclesTeamForms
Induction ChecklistTeamChecklists
New or Change Team Member DetailsTeamForms
New Team Member BookletTeamChecklists
New Team Member IT Set-Up FormTeamForms
Notice to Unsuccessful ApplicantsTeamLetters
Offer of Employment Letter and Standard Terms and ConditionsTeamLetters
Personnel Records ChecklistTeamChecklists
Position Description - Accountant - Level 1-3TeamForms
Position Description - Business ManagerTeamForms
Position Description - Client Relationship ManagerTeamForms
Position Description - Client Services Co-ordinator
Position Description - Information Technology ManagerTeamForms
Position Description - Partner, Director or PrincipalTeamForms
Position Description - Payroll OfficerTeamForms
Position Description - Receptionist or Administration OfficerTeamForms
Position Description - Senior AccountantTeamForms
Position Description - TemplateTeamForms
Probation Period ChecklistTeamChecklists
Probation Period Completion LetterTeamLetters
Probationary Period ProcedureTeamProcedures
Recruitment AdvertisementTeamForms
Recruitment Advertisement SampleTeamForms
Recruitment Interview ChecklistTeamChecklists
Recruitment ProcedureTeamProcedures
Reference Check Form - VerbalTeamForms
Termination of Employment LetterTeamLetters
Termination of Employment Serious Misconduct LetterTeamLetters
WHS - Basic Life Support FlowchartTeamForms
WHS - Bomb Threat Checklist and Action GuideTeamForms
WHS - Contractor and Visitor Induction ChecklistTeamChecklists
WHS - Electrical Equipment RegisterTeamForms
WHS - Emergency Action Guide
WHS - Emergency Control Organisation Meeting Register
WHS - Emergency Control Organisation Register
WHS - Emergency Evacuation Plan
 WHS - Emergency Management Control and Evacuation PlanTeamForms
WHS - Fire and Evacuation Practice RegisterTeamForms
WHS - First Aid Kit ChecklistTeamChecklists
WHS - Hazard & Risk Identification and Control FormTeamForms
WHS - Hazard RegisterTeamForms
WHS - Health and Safety Committee RegisterTeamForms
WHS - Housekeeping Inspection ChecklistTeamChecklists
WHS - How We Do It HereTeamProcedures
WHS - Incident Investigation ReportTeamForms
WHS - Personal Threat Checklist and Action GuideTeamForms
WHS - Team Member Training RegisterTeamForms
WHS - Work Health & Safety Policy and Procedures HandbookTeamProcedures
WHS - Working from Home Safety ChecklistTeamChecklists
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