Index Sheet

The Index sheet acts as a summary for the entire workbook to allow for easy navigation and reviewing.

This article will look at each of the columns and their functions:

Accounts and notes

You can enter the general ledger account code (and sub-account if applicable) on the Index sheet against each workpaper. They will flow through to the individual sheet where applicable.

The Notes column is used add simple notes on the Index. These notes are NOT referenced by any other workpaper or carried forward to future years.


The Flag feature can be used to highlight a worksheet with a red flag. It has two modes, either on or off. To make the flag red, simply click once on the grey flag in the row of the corresponding worksheet. Click again and the flag will return to grey.


The chat feature is generally used for quick notes for other workpaper users. It can be accessed by clicking the cell in the Chat column. Once clicked, a pane will appear on the side of the window. This feature also contains an audit trail, which keeps track of who has created a workpaper and updated the status.

The colour of the chat cell will depend on the status of the comment:

  • Red: The comment is unread
  • Blue: The comment is read


The Items feature indicates how many items are in the query management system and whether they are resolved or unresolved:

  • Red: Number of unresolved workpaper items
  • Blue: All workpaper items are resolved

For detailed information on how to create and use workpaper items see the knowledge article: Workpaper Items.


Many of the Business Fitness worksheet templates contain checklist items to assist you in completing an accounting and tax job. Clicking on the checklist item box will take you to that worksheet where you can update the checklist by toggling through 'Yes', 'No' or 'Not Applicable' by clicking on the cell to the right of the relevant checklist item.

The checklist feature on the Index sheet indicates how many checklist items are incomplete within individual worksheets:

  • Yellow: Number of checklist items not complete
  • Green tick: All checklist items have been completed


The status shown on the Index is the status of the individual worksheet. This can be either updated on the individual worksheet itself or on the Index sheet. In the Index, click on the Status column dropdown and select the relevant state of progress of the worksheet. The Updated By and Change Date columns will be automatically filled based on who is logged into the workpaper. The audit trail of the status changes can be found using the Chat feature listed above.

In the worksheet, simply use the same dropdown options next to the Index cell.


The R/O column lets you choose whether you want the worksheet to be available for import in subsequent year's workbooks. 

For more information on rolling over worksheets see the knowledge article: Importing Opening Balances.


The Del column allows you to delete a worksheet. However, if you have multiple accounts linked to the same worksheet (e.g. multiple bank accounts reconciled to the one 'F10 Bank' worksheet), it will only delete the link. You are able to finally delete the worksheet once you only have one link remaining.

Warning: You are not able to retrieve a worksheet or it's calculations once it has been deleted.

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