2024 Smart Suite and Workpapers Release Notes

January 2024


Accountant's Content (Content Update 281)


2024 Tax Planning Workpapers

The latest update to our Tax Planning starter enhances the user experience with a redesigned, more intuitive interface, including easier navigation between worksheets. This update also introduces the ability to compare current and previous period tax data. These improvements, along with our core offerings of optimising tax position strategies and techniques for minimising tax liabilities, solidify Smart Workpapers as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for efficient tax planning and management.

Updates include: 

  • Updated for current Business Fitness design
  • Updated for 2024 tax rates and correct ATO references and hyperlinks 
  • TP19 Losses – amended for 2024 onwards to remove loss carry-back calculations


Improvements and Bug Fixes:

F05 Trade Debtors and H05 Trade Creditors

The latest update introduces a streamlined design overhaul for both the Trade Creditors and Trade Debtors worksheets, enhancing the user experience with a more user-friendly interface. This update also includes new graphical sections, which provide visual representation of financial data to aid you in your analytical work. Additionally, "Analytical Insights" have been integrated into both analysis sections, offering deeper, actionable insights into financial standings.


‌We are excited to release the revamped Provision for Doubtful Debts section, featuring a "Debtors at risk" table that highlights the top 10 'at risk' debtors based on customisable sensitivity settings. These design and feature updates not only enhance the visual and functional aspects of the templates but also incorporate advanced analytics features, significantly improving insights and efficiency in managing monthly workpapers.


N75 Superannuation

Our latest release features a redesigned superannuation template, aimed at improving user navigation and efficiency. Alongside the aesthetic enhancements, we've corrected a previously encountered bug where late payment warnings were not appearing as intended. This update ensures a smoother experience and better compliance with superannuation payment deadlines.


J50 BAS Lodgements

In line with our recent updates across various templates, the BAS Lodgements sheet has also undergone a redesign to ensure consistency and enhance user experience. The sheet also introduces a new feature: a deferred GST column. This addition is designed to provide users with more flexibility and accuracy in managing GST obligations, particularly for those dealing with imported goods and opting for deferred GST schemes.


Knowledge Documents


All knowledge documents listed below have had formatting, links and document profiles updated where relevant. In addition, all equivalent merge templates have also been updated. Document changes noted below where additional changes have been made:


Tax Planning - Client Newsletter 2024 - updated all rates and information relevant for clients for the 2024 year.


Tax Planning Procedure – updated for 2024 year and updated applicable hyperlinks.

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