Connected Workpapers - Adding Worksheets

A variety of options are available to link up your worksheets for a fully completed set of Connected Workpapers. This article will take you through the different options available and how they are used:

To add one the above options, simply click on the Add cell in the Links column of the relevant account. You will be taken to a pane to select the type of addition required.

Note: If you used the 'Automatic Suggestions' feature when connecting your client's file (see the knowledge article: Connecting Client Files to Connected Workpapers), you will already see a list of worksheets linked to the relevant accounts.

Adding a workpaper template

Business Fitness has nearly 100 workpaper templates available for use when completing your accounting and tax job. 

Select the Workpaper Template option in the pane after you have selected Add.  A list of worksheets available for the section you are using will be displayed. Any templates customised by your firm will appear in the list before the Business Fitness templates. Click the appropriate worksheet. If you need a worksheet that is not in the list, untick the Filter By section option. The ability to search for a worksheet that you want to use is also available. 


After selecting the relevant template, it will be inserted into the workbook. You can navigate directly to it by clicking on the blue arrow in the Links column.

Adding a hyperlink 

Select Add Hyperlink and the standard office hyperlink form will appear. Select the relevant document and click OK.

A new row will be added to the Index with the full functionality of the Index sheet columns (for more information see the knowledge article: Connected Workpapers - Index Sheet).

Note: Links can be created to a document in a folder or a website. However, if the workbook or the file is moved, then the links could be broken.

Adding a HowNow smart link

If you are using Connected Workpapers in conjunction with our HowNow products, you are able to quickly create a link to the documents you have stored in HowNow. To add a HowNow Smart Link, first retrieve the smart link from HowNow by right clicking on the document in HowNow and selecting Copy to clipboard as > HowNow Smart Link

Select HowNow Smart Link after selecting Add from the Index. This will automatically insert your clipboard data into the text box. If you wish to change it delete the text and paste the HowNow Smart Link. 

Select OK and the HowNow Smart Link will be added as a new row on the Index.   

Adding a link to an existing sheet

It is possible to link multiple accounts in the Trial Balance to the one worksheet. After selecting Add, click Link to Existing Worksheet. A list of existing worksheets in the workbook will be displayed. 

Click the appropriate worksheet and a line will be added on the Index with the link to the existing worksheet. Depending on the worksheet chosen, the Reconcile To functionality will also be linked.

Adding a worksheet from another file

This feature is particularly useful if you want to extract a sheet from a permanent file or another workbook to include in the current workpaper. 

After clicking on Add, select Copy Worksheet from another file. This will open a Windows browser, browse to the excel file location and select the file. A list of worksheets in the selected file will be displayed. Click the appropriate worksheet for it to be added to your current workbook.


Adding a comment line

A comment row can be added on the Index sheet which does not have a link attached to it. This is useful when there is a need to make a note on the Index without an underlying worksheet. The full functionality of the Index is then available for this row, including the rollover function, so that notes can be carried forward to subsequent years.  

Note: Any comments added to the Notes/Workpaper Title column WITHOUT using the comment function will not be rolled over.

Order of worksheets

The order of worksheet tabs along the bottom of the workbook can be rearranged. To do this, simply left-click and drag the tab left or right along the bottom to where you would like it to be placed.

Note: Do NOT change the name of the tabs as this can affect the background formulae.

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