This feature can be accessed by clicking the symbol in the chat column.  Once clicked, a box will appear on the side of the window.  This now replaces the audit trail, and from this feature you can see who has created a workpaper, and updated the status.


When there is no comment, the comment box on the index will remain grey.  When There is an unread comment, the comment box will be red.  When there is a read comment the comment box will turn blue.



This feature can be used to flag an item or issue on a particular worksheet on the index page.



This feature indicates how many items are in the query management and whether they are resolved or unresolved.  If any items remain unresolved, the box will show as red. If ALL items are resolved, the box will be blue.  


Accounts and Sub-Account References

You can enter the general ledger account code (and sub-account if applicable) on the index page against each workpaper. They will flow through to the individual sheet where applicable.



The status shown on the index shows the status on the individual worksheet.  This can be either updated on the worksheet or on the index page.  The index gives a quick overview, showing who updated the status and the date it was updated.