A short video on importing opening balances can be found below.

Smart Workpapers - Import Opening Balance (Rollover) - businessfitness

Where you have used Smart Workpapers in the prior year, you have the ability to "rollover" worksheets.  All of the worksheets used in the prior year will be added to the current year workpapers as part of the process. Where available, balances and lists from the prior will be included in the current year workpapers. 


To use this function click on the "Import Opening Balances" box in the top right hand side of the index page.


Once clicked, a popup box will appear.  You will have the option to choose from a file that is already open (i.e if you are rolling from 2016 to 2017 you can open the 2016 workpapers for that client to make it easier to find), or alternatively you can browse for a file.  


Once you have selected the file, click start import.

You should get a blue symbol indicating that it is importing the files

Once it is complete, you will get a message letting you know it has been successful.

Below is a list of  the different types of worksheets that can be added to the index page and their expected behaviour when a file is rolled over.

Each year more data is being added to the fields to be able to rollover.  If you wish to have additional fields considered, please email content@businessfitness.net  Alternatively, firm worksheets can be customised to roll over specific data.  Help on using this function can be found here.