Smart Workpapers System Requirements


Minimum version
Operating System*Windows 10, Windows 11

Office 2019/365 (32 bit)

Browsers^Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Microsoft .NET FrameworkVersion 4.6.2
Internet Speed12mbps

* Non Windows environments are not supported. 

** Requires a 32 bit version of Office

** Requires local version of Office for Add-ins to be functional

** Office 2013 Microsoft Support expired 4/10/18. Office 2016 Microsoft Support expired 13/10/20. Our software is no longer supported on these older versions as updates are no longer tested on platforms that aren't supported by Microsoft.

^ Chrome is the recommended browser. The most recent versions of these web browsers are recommended to improve security, performance and stability. Note: IE is not supported any longer.


An internet connection is required.

A second device is required for Two-Factor Authentication.

Computer hardware

Minimum requirements
CPU2 cores, 4 threads


The above computer hardware requirements are to be used as a general guide only, as the actual requirements will depend on other software installed on the server and number of users accessing the server.

If you would like to discuss further please get in touch with our support team.

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