Uploading a Customised Starter File

Editing a starter

To customise a starter file, we recommend downloading the relevant starter file from the Smart Suite Workpapers website. To do this, simply select the relevant starter from the Start screen as if you were downloading it to complete a job.

Make your customisations (e.g. add your logo, add additional sheets being used for every job, customise information on the Home tab). For more information on making customisations see the knowledge articles: 

Note: We recommend not saving too many worksheets in the starter file, as they will not receive any updates made by Business Fitness. As such, we generally recommend only adding worksheets from the job management section. 

Once your customisations have been finalised, select Reset Workpaper from the Workpapers ribbon immediately before saving the file for upload. For more information on this function see the knowledge article: Workpapers Excel Ribbon.

Uploading a custom starter 

To add a new starter file for your firm, navigate to the Starters section on the Admin screen of the Smart Suite Workpapers website.

Note: If you cannot see the Admin area, you will need to contact your user administrator to obtain the correct privileges. 

Select the product from the dropdown list which you would like to add a customised starter for, and click on the Add button.

From here a pop-up window will appear. Enter the name of the starter file, and also the period ending date. 

You can then select the customised Excel starter file. You are able to customise as many starter files as you need. For instance, you could create different files for each entity type. Click Create to finalise.

Template customisation service 

If you would like customisations made to your firm's workpapers, but don't feel confident doing them yourself, please refer to Business Fitness Customisation Service for more information on our team making the changes for you.

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