Business Fitness Customisation Service

One of the benefits of using Smart Workpapers is that the workpapers can be customised to your firm.

The first step to customising your firm's worksheets is to read the following articles on customisations:

If you have read the above articles and it seems like something you or your team can work through, then us training you may be the right option. However, if these type of functions don’t come naturally to anyone in the team, then we would recommend having our team perform the customisations for you.

We train you

There are two options for one of our team members to train you; a web session or onsite training:

1. Web session 

This consists of a one hour session via Teams covering basic customisations. Prior to this training session, we ask the participants to have read the above articles on customisations. Your firm will need to provide one of the worksheets you would like customised and our team will walk through it with you and teach you how to make the required changes. We ask you to come armed with any questions you have to make the most of the one hour time limit.

The cost for this service is $295 + GST.

2. Onsite training 

One of the Business Fitness team will attend your office (COVID dependent) for up to half a day to work with you and your team. The session will depend on your level of knowledge and requirements of the firm. We can start from the basics covered in the three articles above on customisations, through to the more complex formulae and coded actions. We can work through a variety of your worksheets to show different functions and how they work, as well as covering the formatting of the customised worksheets.

The cost for this service is $1,795 + GST.

We do it for you

In this option, our Smart Workpaper experts make the changes required for your firm. We will take your worksheets and make them compatible with our Smart Workpaper templates. It is important to note that we do not create a worksheet from scratch and will require a worksheet with working formulae to be provided. If your worksheet has formulae that link to other worksheets, our team can take care of that. We will also reformat your worksheets to make them the same style as other smart workpaper templates.

We are able to add any of the functions mentioned in the help files for Customisations Using Named Ranges, Formulae and Coded Actions or Customising Opening Balances.  

To proceed with this option, our team will require you to send in the worksheets you want customised, with an exact description of everything you would like changed. If you change your mind on the customisations you would like done, it will come at an additional cost.

Business Fitness will add another user to your Smart Workpapers account with administrative rights. This will allow us to upload the completed worksheets and/or starter files specific to your firm.

The cost of this service is $1,475 + GST for five worksheets OR $295 + GST per hour with a fixed quote based on the number of hours required to complete the customisations you require.

If you are interested in any of the above options for customisations, please contact:

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