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The Smart Suite Workpapers website can be accessed here.

The website is a central repository of all available connected and standalone workpapers for download, as well as providing a dashboard for management of your created workpapers. If you have Administrator rights, the Admin area allows you to manage your firm and create your own workpaper templates.

This article takes you through the four different screens of the website:


The Start or Home screen is the page you will taken to when you first login. From here you are able to access all of our connected and standalone starter files for download. There is also the Add-in installation button which will take you to the knowledge article: Smart Workpaper Add-In Installation for instructions on how to download the Workpaper add-in for Excel if you have not already done so.

To download a starter file, select the relevant item and a list of versions will appear for that starter type. Simply click on the year you need and the file will download.


The Dashboard screen allows you to manage your workflow online. From this screen you can access a complete list of all workpapers created.


By default, the dashboard view is set to display all workpapers that you are a preparer, reviewer or partner on. This list can be expanded to a team, office or firm level by selecting the relevant option from the My Workpapers dropdown list.

You are also able to sort by the relevant column by using the arrows next to the column title.

View items requiring attention

In this view you are able to quickly see any items that you need to resolve. Click on the View Items Requiring Attention button to the right of the search bar and you will be taken to a new screen that lists those items.

From here you can select the item to either view, edit or delete it.

Workpaper details

To view information regarding a particular workpaper, select it so it is highlighted in blue and then click the blue View button. A new screen will be displayed with the following additional information:

  • Individual id of the workpaper
  • Location where the workpaper was was last saved
  • When the workpaper was last modified
  • When the workpaper was created

The status of a workpaper can be updated either directly in the status column or from within the workpaper itself by selecting Workbook Status in the Workpapers ribbon. To update in the dashboard, click on the status of the relevant workpaper and a dropdown menu will appear.

Note: The workpaper may need to be closed and opened for the changes to be available in the workpaper.

Workpaper items

The Items column refers to the workpaper item feature inside the workbook. The blue number indicates how many unresolved items there are, and the grey number indicates resolved items.

It is possible to edit these items from the dashboard without having to enter the workbook itself. To edit the item select the blue number in the Items column and you will be taken to a screen listing all the items for that workpaper.

Select the relevant item and then click the blue Edit button. This will open the item in a new window where you can make any changes required. To finalise, click the Update button.

Note: The workpaper may need to be opened and closed for the changes to be available in the workpaper.

You are also able to add or delete workpaper items from the Workpaper Detail screen.

For additional information regarding the query management feature see the knowledge article: Connected Workpapers - Workpaper Items.


You can delete a workpaper record by selecting it so it appears in blue and then clicking on the red Delete button.


The Connections screen enables you to easily manage all your available API connections in one spot. This allows you to connect your workpaper to your client file from within the workpaper itself. From this screen you are also able to quickly create a new connected workpaper by clicking on the + Create new workpaper button and choosing the relevant year.

To make a new connection, click on the grey Not Connected toggle to turn it on. You will then be taken to a login screen for that software. Login using your regular login details, after which you may be asked to allow Smart Suite to access your files.

Once connected the + Create new workpaper button will become available, as well as a Manage button for Xero and QBO, as their files need to be connected to individually. Clicking on Manage will take you to a screen showing all the files you have access to for that particular API. From here you are able to add or remove files.


The Admin screen is available for those with Administrator rights. From here you are able to manage users, teams and offices of the firm, as well as create and edit workpaper templates and starters.

For more information on how to use the different functions in the Admin screen see the knowledge articles:

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